Bond and Explore
With Music

The 19 songs on the Teenies Music Programme create a holistic context for very young children to develop relationships, explore sound making and practice fine and gross motor skills through fun music activities

Music For Early Development

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Music has a magical power!

It helps us to bond with one another, to regulate our emotions and to learn about the world around us. Music stimulates us to move our bodies and helps to develop the neural connections that underpin language and communication. With the Teenies Music Programme, you can put all of the magic into practice.

This collection of original songs and nursery rhymes can be used throughout the day, providing very young children with interest, excitement and security whilst developing key skills. Have a listen now and test it out!

I Hear Thunder
This fun version of I hear thunder has a strong, rhythmic backing to help young children tune into the beat. You can sit children around a rescue blanket with shakers in the middle of it, encouraging movement and exploration of sounds and textures. Discover lots of ways to learn through music with 19 exciting songs from the Teenies Music Programme.
Playing Peekaboo with a movement scarf is a great way to encourage eye contact, respond to facial movements and support bonding. In our Peekaboo song we also ‘hide’ other parts of the body with our movement scarf, encouraging body awareness and helping children to tune into the rhyme and anticipate the exciting “Boo!” when the hand, foot or face is revealed. Older children will start to explore sound as they vocalise the “Boo”. The song resource includes a song mp3, teacher notes and a video.
Practitioner Pack
Train Your Team
Teenies Practitioner Pack
A complete music resource to support early development

Extend your music provision for under 2’s to include age-appropriate songs and musical activities to support speech and language development and energise your under 2’s team, through daily music practice.

The pack includes everything you need to deliver engaging music activities as part of your daily schedule:

  • Songs
  • Training videos linking each song to early developmental goals
  • Videos of songs in action in a setting
  • Teacher notes to support your planning
Teenies Practitioner Training
Embed the Teenies Music Programme in your setting

Give your team the knowledge and confidence to maximise the brain-boosting power of music with fun activities everyone will love to lead.

Find out about our in-person and online training options

Parent Testimonial
Support your child’s learning at home

The parent pack includes everything you need to create wonderful musical memories with your child while you watch her develop and learn.

  • Songs
  • Videos of music sessions
  • Parent notes with tips and ideas for using the songs


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