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For children with SEN, active music making offers an unrivalled opportunity for self expression and communication. Our music programme for SEN ‘Sticks and Sounds’, creates an exciting context for developing key skills, learning about the world and having lots of fun. Learn more about training and workshops.

Sticks & Sounds Music Programme
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Sticks and Sounds Music Programme can be used at home and in the setting to help children:

  • Increase self-confidence, self-awareness and develop group skills
  • Explore emotions and self-expression
  • Improve listening, attention skills, understand and follow instructions
  • Keep the beat – developing rhythmic awareness
  • String words together in rhymes and song – developing melodic awareness
  • Move with the music – developing gross motor skills
  • Handle instruments – developing fine motor skills
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“Boogie Mites music has been an indispensable resource that has helped staff to engage all the children in lively, fun activities which have supported the children’s social communication, speech and language skills.”

Emma Whewell, Year R Teacher, Cliffdale School, Portsmouth

Find out how you can train with Boogie Mites to make music part of everyday learning.

SEN Practitioner Training
“I would personally recommend Boogie Mites to colleagues in this field.”

Overley Hall School is a residential special school offering education and care for children from 9 to 19 years old with autism, epilepsy, severe learning difficulties.

“There’s no doubt that Boogie Mites enhances general skills specified in our curriculum such as speaking, listening, responding to gestures and can be used to support subjects such Maths, a lot of our pupils are non-verbal and the programme is an excellent platform to encourage social communication and interaction.” – Dee Marshall

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