Developing Skills Ready For School Through The Joy Of Active Music Making

Developed over 20 years of working with early years children, parents, teachers and advisors, informed by their feedback, evolving neuroscience evidence and continual evaluation of our work

A = Active Attention

Lengthen children’s attention span using interactive music activities that encourage engagement

Children are motivated by things they see adults enjoying. Adults enjoy Boogie Mites upbeat original music, different genres, catchy tunes and rhythms as much as the children!
Boogie Mites engages children by covering themes that are relevant and exciting and using home-made props and instruments that promote active participation.
Boogie Mites workshops keep children's attention for 45 minutes following a sequence of activities set out in our tried and tested workshop format.
Extending attention span provides rich language and communication opportunities which are further boosted through our group workshop format where children's contributions are welcomed.

B = Brain Boost

Build strong cognitive foundations for learning based on neuroscience evidence

Rhythmic Awareness
Melodic Awareness
Maths Skills

Boogie Mites rich and varied music provision develops the auditory processing system on which other neural networks scaffold.

Boogie Mites recorded music with a strong steady beat and overlaid rhythms provides development of rhythmic awareness essential for language, literacy and physical skills.

Boogie Mites recorded music with a catchy tune and overlaid harmonies develops melodic awareness supporting language and literacy skills.

Boogie Mites music activities explore patterns and sequencing of sounds, rhythm, movement and words laying important foundations for mathematical thinking.

Physical Skills
Attention Span
Self Regulation

Boogie Mites upbeat songs and actions stimulate endorphins and dopamine energising and uplifting all involved.

Boogie Mites music activities involve co-ordination, balance, fine and gross motor skills supporting physical development.

Boogie Mites music and movement activities keep the brain attentive extending attention span.

Boogie Mites music becomes familiar through repetition, providing a comforting environment for group activities, promoting turn taking and inhibition control. The music can also be used to influence mood throughout the day eg: calming or uplifting.

C = Community Cohesion

Generate a music bonding buzz between children, teachers, families and wider community

Universal Language
Group music making is a bonding experience. Singing together, keeping the beat together, moving together stimulates dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins, making it energising, uplifting and bonding for all involved.
Boogie Mites music activities use recycled materials for props and instruments, so there is no cost barrier to taking part at home or in the setting. Children can access the music activities in some way, whatever their stage of development.
Music is a universal language. Boogie Mites workshops help to break down communication barriers as families sing and dance together.
Boogie Mites intergenerational music sessions provide a wonderful shared activity for older adults and children.

D = Daily Dose

Deliver daily musical experiences to maximise impact. You can do it!

Regular Practice
Teacher Training
Parent Education
Digital Products

We believe Early Years practitioners and parents who are with the children everyday are best placed to harness the power of music for supporting development. You do not have to be a musician to harness the power of music for supporting children's development. Adults will develop their music skills alongside the children through regular practice.

Practitioners and parents need training and resources to give them knowledge and confidence to facilitate music activities or offer music experiences effectively everyday. Onsite training sessions provide a team building launch to introduce Boogie Mites Music Programmes to an early years setting. Boogie Mites core music programme packs for use in public settings provide online training course, neuroscience evidence videos, single song videos and monthly webinars to extend and progress confidence, ideas and provide music CPD.
Boogie Mites parent education workshops at settings or in community groups led by Boogie Mites Licensees
Boogie Mites digital music packs for home use, including instructor videos to support parents with home music making activities and Boogie Mites App: Building strong foundations for literacy through music.

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