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Hello, my name is Lizzie and I manage Boogie Mites Newbury and Hungerford Music Classes. I offer early years music and movement sessions for nurseries and parent groups at community venues.

Telephone: 07876 030129 Email: [email protected]
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Our Curriculum

Boogie Baby
Boogie Teenies
Boogie Minis
Boogie Mities
Boogie Mites Babies Class
Birth to crawling

A gentle music class where you can meet new friends and enjoy sharing music fun with your baby. 

Our Baby Boogie music pack will help you get the most from your classes so that you can use music at home to support your baby’s development, make your everyday routines more fun and boost your mood on those tired days.

Boogie Mites Teenies Class
Crawling to 2 years

Now that your baby has started to move, the action songs and nursery rhymes in the Boogie Teenies class will stimulate body awareness, developing fine and gross motor skills. With shakers, tapping sticks and drums your little one will be having fun and developing language skills.

Our Boogie Teenies music pack will help your baby get the most from your classes so that you can practice at home and learn all your favourite songs.

Boogie Mites Minis Class
2 to 3 years

With lots of action songs and percussion play, these classes are perfect for developing your child’s physical confidence and fitness. Colourful props and uptempo songs will keep your child engaged and help develop those all-important social and communication skills.

Our Boogie Minis CD pack will help you and your child learn all your favourite songs and get the most from your classes.

Boogie Mites Mities Class
3 to 5 years

With fun drumming games and tapping songs, these classes help your child to develop the literacy and numeracy skills that provide the foundation for learning at school. But don’t worry – this doesn’t feel like school. Covering exciting themes like In The Jungle and By The Sea, your child will be having so much fun that she won’t realise how much she is learning!

Our Mities programme music packs contain songs and interactive videos from the Mities themes, so that you can continue the music fun at home and share with all the family.



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Get Tidy Up Tango

We would like to share one our most popular songs with you. Complete the request form and enjoy our wonderful “Tidy Up Tango” song anytime.
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Boogie Mites ABCD Music Methodology

Boogie Mites have collaborated with Neuro-musical Researcher Dr Anita Collins to compile our ABCD Music Methodology training package launching in August 2024.

The course will take a closer look at the four pillars of our ABCD Music Methodology – Active Attention, Brain Boost, Community Cohesion and Daily Dose. 

Each module will include a Boogie Mites song and linked activities, and a music workshop to put them all together.