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Learning English through Boogie Mites music also supports development of listening, attention, physical, group learning, social and emotional skills. 

Boogie Mites music programmes are readily accessible to early years practitioners, children, and parents all over the world.


Find out how we collaborate with partners in India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia and Europe.

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Research shows that music aids memory in language learning

That’s why British Council Teach English Kids uses Boogie Mites to engage children in activities that improve vocabulary and phonics. All over the world early years teachers are using our complete music training packs to support English Language learning and wider development.

“The teacher notes are clear and easy to use and help with planning. We genuinely feel that Boogie Mites has had a positive impact on children’s learning.” Louise Thomas, Programme Director, The Child Development Centre, Hong Kong.

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Music learning grounded in the UK curriculum

Boogie Mites have partnered with organisations in India, Dubai and Hong Kong to provide music resources and training to support early years development and support English language skills. We can provide training, curriculum resources, online music sessions – we can even write an exclusive song for your organisation.

“Boogie Mites is a perfect package with the right beats and words thereby not only setting the scene for us at but also fostering intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy skills.” Rohini, NutSpace Parent Centre Kanpur, India

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Join the growing number of European settings that use Boogie Mites for English language learning and child development

Boogie Mites has several partnerships throughout Europe. We have worked with the British International School in Slovakia, Aloha English Language School in Spain and the English Language and Personal Growth Centre in Switzerland. 

In all cases, Boogie Mites provided training and resources to support their Early Years language development programmes.

Practitioner Testimonial
Music programmes that reflect your context

For our friends in Australia we have adapted two of our flagship programmes to link to the Australian Early Years Learning Framework. The Boogie Mites School Ready Music Programme (ages 3 to 5 years) and Minis Music Programme (ages 2 to 3 years) are available as resources and training. 

Enquire about our resources, or book a training workshop for your early years team in Australia.


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