Our Story

Boogie Mites sprang from Harriet’s love of music. A singer-songwriter, Harriet wrote songs for her daughters and soon developed music workshops for young children. When Sue brought her son to class one day, a partnership was born. Read more about Harriet, Sue and the Boogie Mites story:

Our Methodology

Developed over 20 years of feedback from early years children, parents, teachers and advisors, informed by evolving neuroscience evidence and continual evaluation of our work.

Early Years Directors, Harriet and Sue
Music session in a nursery setting

Our Music

Move, learn and smile with music

Boogie Mites catchy melodies, toe-tapping beats and exciting themes inspire children and grown-ups to dance, clap and sing along. With benefits for cognitive, emotional and physical development, active music-making is a great way to learn and feel happy! Judge for yourself by listening to some of our favourites.

Music and Early Years Development

Music helps children learn
Neuroscience shows that regular music making develops strong neural connections across the whole brain. Like the foundation of a house, stronger neural connections lead to bigger, better brains and underpin learning. Find out how active music making supports all areas of early years development
Early Years Development

Music and Neuroscience

What science reveals

Evidence from neuroscience indicates that music-making in the early years accelerates brain development in young children, particularly in the areas of language acquisition and reading skills.

Explore the work of leading neuroscientists and educators and find out how music can enhance early years development.

Practitioner Testimonial

Impact & Evaluation

Making a difference

Independent studies of Boogie Mites Music Education Programmes provide evidence that Boogie Mites active music-making makes a real difference to parents, practitioners and children in early years.

Our Team

Passion, professionalism and joy
Combining experience from the West End Stage through to classroom teaching, our teachers and head office staff share a deep commitment to enabling early years development through music. Many of our team have been with us for over 10 years and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to each interaction. Browse through our website to see videos which showcase the creativity and skill of our team and evidence the happiness and learning they bring to the children they teach and the practitioners they train.
boogie mites team
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Our Customers

Feel The Beat!

Thousands of people choose Boogie Mites for the very best in early years music and learning. We have songs, videos, classes and training all designed to empower you to share music with the children in your life, for fun, wellbeing and development. Discover how Boogie Mites can meet your needs.

Our Partners

Working together

Boogie Mites partners with early years providers, children’s charities and not-for-profit organisations to share the joy and learning power of music-making across the early years sector. Find out how we have supported fund-raising and awareness campaigns and how we have collaborated with partners worldwide.

Boogie Mites Partners


Music: A Universal Language

The joy of learning through Boogie Mites music is readily accessible to early years practitioners, children, and parents all over the world. Find out how we collaborate with partners in India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Australia and Europe.


Our Customers

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