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Boogie Mites will work with you to design a music programme that meets your requirements for content, training, implementation and long-term quality management. We can include bespoke videos of sessions at your nurseries and even new songs written specifically for your nursery group.
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Through detailed discussion with your curriculum managers and trainers, we will design a music provision that meets your aims and objectives. An initial pilot can provide a good test case and allow us to adapt content and delivery prior to a full rollout.

For more information and to discuss training options, please complete the Training Enquiry Form.

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Training can cover any one of our 7 programmes:

Fill out the Training Enquiry Form and we can help you choose the best programme to meet the needs of your organisation.

Working With Bright Horizons
Boogie Mites initially worked with Bright Horizons from 2017-2019 on a train-the-trainer model to roll out the School Ready Music Programme. Following the success of this project, we designed two bespoke music programmes for 2-3’s and under 2’s rooms. Modular training videos were created for each programme and hosted on Bright Horizons internal training platform in 2020. The videos demonstrate a Boogie Mites teacher modelling delivery of all songs and music activities and explore neuroscience and early years development outcomes linked to music making. If you would like to explore bespoke training options, please complete the Training Enquiry Form.


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