Making Maths Fun!

Music, like maths, is based on recurring patterns and sequences. Research has shown that participating in music activities boosts mathematical thinking and skills. Our Maths Music Programme includes lots of exciting music activities that help develop early number sense and make maths fun.

Music for numbers, patterns and shapes

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Creative counting

Understanding the concept of zero: yes that’s tricky. Understanding that mummy duck’s babies have gone and she is all alone: that is something most children can relate to! Songs about ducks, pirates and toes give children an exciting way to practice counting that fires their imaginations and makes learning easy!

Do you like going to the beach? Let’s pack a bag and remember the sequence of objects. Do you like banging a drum? Let’s play a follow-the-leader game and develop our sense of pattern.

Have a listen and find out how you can have fun with music and maths.

Little Ducky
This uptempo version of a children’s classic, provides a creative and engaging way for children to practise and improve their skills in counting numbers, calculating simple addition and subtraction problems. The story also provides a context for learning more about ducks and their habitats and to explore ideas around family and togetherness.
Download ‘Hey Hey, Say It Again’ and discover a fun way to help children learn about number bonds

This uptempo action song keeps energetic children engaged while they explore number bonds to 10. Having something physical to signify the number bonds helps children understand the concept. I used carrot sticks…. munch them up at the end of the song and get a vitamin boost too! The song resource includes a song mp3, teacher notes and a video.

Download and start learning with music now.

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A complete music resource to support maths skills

You and the children you teach will love using the Maths Music Pack.

The pack includes everything you need to deliver engaging music activities to support maths skills, as part of your daily schedule:

  • Songs
  • Training videos linking each song to early years maths goals
  • Videos of songs in action in a setting
    Teacher notes to support your planning
Early Years Music Training
Embed the Maths Music Programme in your setting

Give your team the knowledge and confidence to maximise the brain-boosting power of music and make maths fun.

Find out about our in-person and online training options

Practitioner Testimonial
Make maths fun and exciting

Does your child love clapping, singing, banging a drum? Then they are already developing the cognitive skills that underpin literacy and maths! The Maths Programme allows you to extend your child’s natural love of music, to further build their confidence around counting and recognising shapes and patterns.

The parent pack includes everything you need to create wonderful musical memories and support your child’s maths development.

  • Songs
  • Videos of music sessions
  • Parent notes with tips and ideas for using the songs


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