Inclusive Music Making

This collection of 21 songs forms an indispensable music resource that can be adapted to suit the needs of children with a wide range of physical and learning abilities. Two versions of this programme are available; for under 5’s and for over 5’s.

Active engagement and learning

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Active music-making allows each child to engage in a way that is right for them. For children with SEN, this offers an unrivalled opportunity for self-expression and communication. The variety of themes and activities in the Sticks and Sounds Programme, create an exciting context for developing key skills, learning about the world and having lots of fun.

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Adapting music-making for all
Watch this video to see how music making can be adapted to all abilities to create an inclusive environment where children and their parents and carers can develop, have fun and bond through a shared creative activity.
Tap Tap Tap
Download ‘Tap Tap Tap’ and discover a fun and effective way to help children of all abilities develop fine and gross motor skills and tune into rhythm.
Practitioner Pack
Train Your Team
Practitioner Testimonial
A complete music resource to support children with SEN

Discover an adaptable resource that children will love and that you can use as a springboard into a range of lessons.

The pack includes everything you need to deliver engaging music activities as part of your daily schedule:

  • Songs
  • Training videos linking each song to childhood
  • Videos of songs in action in a setting
  • Teacher notes to support your planning
Train your team
Embed the Sticks and Sounds Programme in your setting
Give your team the knowledge and confidence to maximise the brain-boosting power of music with fun activities you can adapt to suit a variety of needs. Find out about our in-person and online training options.
Parent Testimonial
Let your child shine with music

Share fun, laughter and learning and watch your child express herself.

The parent pack includes everything you need to create wonderful musical memories and support your child’s learning and development.

  • Songs
  • Videos of music sessions
  • Parent notes with tips and ideas for using the songs


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