Never Too Young!

Music is one of the best tools you can use to connect, enrich, and bond with a baby or young child. And neuroscience shows that the earlier babies start taking part in music activities the greater the impact on developing the neural networks that underpin cognition. So share the magic and give babies a great start with music.

Music For Bonding

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Stimulate early communication skills and sensory awareness

The youngest baby or infant may not be able to walk or talk, but they can respond to music! With lively songs to stimulate movement and gentle lullabies for quiet times, the Boogie Mites Baby Programme has 21 songs to help babies develop body awareness, build relationships and tune into sounds. And both you and baby will benefit from the mood-boosting effect of sharing music together.

Have a listen now and test it out!

Baby Matilda
This catchy upbeat song gets everyone smiling! A great one for bonding and developing baby’s body awareness. You can share this song with baby lying on her back, sitting on your lap or as in the video, as an action dance around the room. Get ready to have fun!
Download ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and discover what happened when Humpty flew off to Spain!

An action-packed version of this traditional nursery rhyme! Sit baby on your lap for lots of bouncing, jumping and flying fun.

Download and start learning with music now.

Practitioner Pack
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A complete music resource to very early development

You and the babies you work with will love using the Babies Music Pack.

The pack includes everything you need to deliver engaging music activities as part of your daily schedule:

  • Songs
  • Training videos linking each song to early developmental goals
  • Videos of songs in action in a setting
    Teacher notes to support your planning
Train your team
Embed the Babies Music Programme in your setting

Give your team the knowledge and confidence to maximise the brain-boosting power of music with fun activities everyone will love to lead.

Find out about our in-person and online training options

Parent Testimonial
Share Magical Music Moments With Your Baby

Make every moment special with this collection of songs that you can use throughout the day. Whether it’s nappy time, sleep time or cuddle uptime, you will find uplifting songs to help you and your baby enjoy your day.

The parent pack includes everything you need to create wonderful musical memories and support your baby’s learning and development.

  • Songs
  • Videos of music sessions
  • Parent notes with tips and ideas for using the songs


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