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Sounds Before Letters

Strengthening Foundations for Phonics Through Musical...

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How music supports the foundation for maths in early years

What you’ll find in this blog: Neuroscience evidence – the link between music and maths A review of the revised 2021 Maths Early Learning Goals Musical pattern games to play A free...

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Born to Boogie!

All babies are born with innate musical ability. To...

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How It All Began

Here Boogie Mites Directors, Harriet and Sue, tell you how Boogie Mites began

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Moving Music Training Online – Boogie Mites Journey

There are three key reasons why investment in music...

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Boosting School Ready Literacy and Maths Skills Through Music

Parent involvement in home practise of music...

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Supporting Pre-School To Primary School Transition

Boogie Mites (BM) teachers have been leading courses...

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200 Million Minutes Reading Challenge 2021

At Boogie Mites, our mission has always been to use...

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EYPP funding: supporting children’s development through music

How can you spend EYPP funding to most effectively...

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EYFS Online: Moving Music Learning Online in the Wake of Lockdown

  At Boogie Mites, we have been developing our music workshops and resources for over 15 years. We believe in learning through interactive play, and there is nothing more uplifting and...