A Creative Musical Adventure Everyday

The Mities Programme comprises 12 stand-alone music packs that explore exciting themes through music and movement. Travel to the jungle, the farm; the seaside; learn about recycling and healthy living; discover fairy tales: all through the magic of music.

Music For Early Development

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Holistic music making

Are you looking for a fun way to teach children about the world around them and boost their development? The 12 themes of the Mities Programme offer a mixture of original and traditional songs, with activities and role-play to inspire self-expression and confidence. Exciting interactive song videos and workshops, keep children actively engaged and give you lots of ideas for using the songs in the setting, at home or wherever you are.

Have some ROAAARING good fun!
Watch the videos to find out how the Jungle Theme Workshop pack explores jungle animals and weather though song, movement and percussion play. A fantastic way to encourage vocalisation, develop counting and sequencing skills and practice fine and gross motor skills.
Download ‘Seven League Boots’ and discover an active way to explore fairy tales

Put on your Seven League boots and march through fairy-tale land, meeting Little Red Riding Hood, the Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks. A great way to introduce children to a world of traditional fairy tales and develop physical skills.

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A complete music resource to support early years development

Explore our twelve stand-alone themed music packs. With everything you need to deliver engaging music activities as part of your daily schedule, you can support children’s learning with creative music making all year round.

  • Songs
  • Interactive song videos
  • Videos of songs in action in a setting
  • Teacher notes to support your planning
  • Lesson plans
Mities Practitioner Training
Embed the Mities Programme in your setting

Give your team the knowledge and confidence to maximise the brain-boosting power of music with year-round activities everyone will love to lead.

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Feed your child’s imagination!

The Mities Programme has action songs, percussion play and interactive videos to fully engage your child. The parent packs include everything you need to create wonderful musical memories and support your child’s learning and development ready for school.

  • Songs
  • Interactive song videos
  • Parent notes with tips and ideas for using the songs


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