Chichester University Evaluation
Of Boogie Mites Programme Outcomes

The evidence from the evaluation study shows that Boogie Mites active music making programmes make a real difference to parents and practitioners of children in early years. The differences were noted in four main areas:

Parental Knowledge and Involvement – Boogie Mites sessions encouraged parents to make the links between the EYFS (DfE2012) prime areas of learning and the use of music both at the session and in the home. The fact that parents were practicing and using their skills at home indicated music becoming embedded into home practice, with the attendant benefits for increased parental involvement in their child’s development across the three prime areas.

Parent and Child Confidence – Parents reported that they felt more confident to use music with their children at home and as part of everyday life. Whereas previously they said they used music for recreational purposes or in the background, they commented how much of a primary role it now played in their lives. The parents’ increased confidence had a knock on effect on their child’s confidence.

Creating a Safe Space For Participation – The facilitation of the Boogie Mites programmes by music leaders trained to work with both target and inclusive groups, was viewed very positively by all parents as they encouraged participation and allowed experimentation in a safe environment. They were the mediators between the settings/schools and home and supported the development of home practice. The positive attitudes of the facilitators encouraged and supported the parents. This provided an opportunity which promoted the group to work together supporting the transition of parents from working alone to working as a group. This transition allowed parents the chance to gain a wider support network over and above the music activities on offer (perfect for transition from pre-school to school).

Practitioner Confidence and Sharing Best Practice – A significant number of practitioners said the Boogie Mites training gave them confidence to implement Boogie Mites in their settings. After completing their training, there was almost an explosion of enthusiasm, eagerness and willingness to implement what they had learnt back into their setting. Not only that but they were inspired enough to share what they learnt with their rest of the colleagues in their setting.

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