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Boogie Mites offer evening live zoom webinar training sessions covering various topics. We regularly partner with early years trainers and consultants to share their subject expertise, along with a Boogie Mites trainer linking music into different areas of early years development. The workshops cover a few Boogie Mites songs that are provided as part of the training.

The schedule of upcoming webinars is listed below, you can click through to express an interest, find out more or book to attend. You will have access to a video of the webinar for one week following the training date. All times are expressed as UK times.

Webinar subscription package

If you are a licensee setting of a Boogie Mites Music Programme you can purchase an annual subscription that covers any of the team accessing any or all of the 12 webinars over the next 12 months. Find out more about the subscription:

Music Routines for SEN
Monday 18th March 2024
7pm - 8:15pm
Music and Routines for SEN

This unique session will explore how to use music to support SEN children throughout the day, using a music agenda to support mealtimes, healthy diets and to signal transitions, to calm, energise and to support development.

Sound Environments
Monday 22nd April 2024
7pm - 8:15pm
Music and Sound Environments
This unique session explores the sound environment of our young children, how it impacts their brain development and how music can play a valuable part.
Parent Engagement Under 3's
Monday 20th May 2024
7pm - 8:15pm
Music and Parent Engagement
Gain ideas for supporting parents to join music workshops at your setting, for sharing information about the benefits for under 3’s development, promoting community cohesion and home practise of music activities.
Making Music Outdoors
Monday 17th June 2024
7pm - 8:15pm
Making Music Outdoors

Take regular music-making outside and harness even more benefits of being outdoors for our young children. Join Lizzie as she presents her experience and findings of our Boogie Mites Outside project, along with the neuro-musical evidence. We will cover our Pirate Adventure Workshop, giving you access to the songs and supporting resources to enjoy pirate adventures and music outdoors this summer.

“This workshop is a ‘must’ for anyone seeking fresh ideas using music to enhance children’s knowledge and experiences while engaging in outdoor play.” Deborah Senior, Debs Childcare Service

Music and Wellbeing
Monday 15th July 2024
7pm - 8:15pm
Music and Wellbeing

Learn how to use music to support wellbeing of children and staff. Join Sandi Phoenix from Phoenix Cups and Boogie Mites trainer, Tasha, to consider how combining the popular Phoenix Cup frame work for self-management of wellbeing can be combined with music to enrich our lives.

“Now I know how to engage more with the children when I sing songs to them” Sarah Agon, Rainbow Nursery

Music Activities for SEN
Monday 19th July 2024
7pm - 8:15pm
Adapting Boogie Mites Music activities for Children with SEN

Boogie Mites SEN Teacher and Trainer, Pauline Nixon and Liv McLennan, share their experience of leading Boogie Mites in SEN schools and family groups. Join this webinar to gain top tips for adapting Boogie Mites music activities for children with different abilities.


Music and Dyslexia
Monday 16th September 2024
7pm - 8:15pm
Music and Dyslexia

Musical activities can actively help boost self-esteem and help develop areas such as sequencing, organisation, co-ordination, memory and concentration.


Music and Maths
Monday 14th October 2024
7pm - 8:15pm
Music and Maths

Learn how to make maths fun in early years. Music is built on numerical sequences and patterns, discover how neuromusical evidence shows us that music can provide a valuable tool for laying strong foundations for mathematical thinking.

Previous Webinars

Music and Sound Processing
Music and The Super Power of Sound Processing

Learn about the importance of sound processing for global development. Join Charlotte Davies, expert in the field of sound processing, and Tasha Bretten to find out about the part music can play in early years development of sound processing skills.

“As always with Boogie Mites the training was fun, interesting, and useful. It will allow me to support my children and to make learning exciting.” Shona May, Home Educator

Music and Phonics
Music and Phonics

Learn why music activities are the best way to develop children’s phonological awareness ready for phonics at school. Learn how phonics is taught in Year R from Phonics Consultant Steph Hammond and how to use music activities as a central part of pre-literacy strategy in the pre-school year the EYFS from Tasha.

“If you want your children to develop fantastic communication skills, have lots of fun with their friends and Early years team working with them, then this is the path for you.” Claire Lythe, Kiddi Caru Taunton

First 1000 days
First 1000 Days

Learn how to apply neuroscience evidence to plan the most effective play activities for 0-2 year olds from Oliiki App founder, Clare Stead. Boogie Mites Tasha will contribute evidence regarding music activities for this age group and how music groups can provide parent education and a community support, covering 2 songs from Boogie Mites Teenies music programme (under 2’s).

“The webinar was very informative and everyone was very knowledgeable and passionate about what they do.” Bethany Drinkwater, Sunrise Day Nursery

The Joy of Music

This unique session explores the power of music for promoting joy, community, cohesion and celebration – a topical subject as we all start to plan celebrations for Christmas. Ben Kingston-Hughes will look at joyful moments as a motivator for learning with reference to various themes. Tasha will cover 2 Boogie Mites songs that involve: ‘being joyful’, ‘being silly’, including one co-written by Ben and Boogie Mites for this workshop!

“Inspirational guest speaker, really motivating. Can’t wait to get started with the new songs.” Claire Joanne Zannetti, Jo’s Playtime

Music and EAL
Music and EAL

Learn how to use music as a universal language in your setting. Music builds strong cognitive foundations for language development which can particularly support children and parents with English as an additional Language (EAL).

“This workshop was broken down simply and gives practitioners as well as parents simple steps to develop language within a home and setting.” Bex Stokes, Happy Days Exeter

Music and Circle Time
Music and Circle Time

Learn how to make circle time engaging, fun and interactive. Learn tips and ideas for planning and adapting circle time to extend attention span, encourage child initiated activities, combined with follow the leader games and how music can be the magic ingredient.

“This workshop gave me a much better understanding of how important circle time is and the amazing opportunities it provides for teaching and learning. Music is so important for development and this workshop has amazing ideas for activities and songs to encourage both children and adults to let go, have fun and learn.” Fayona Barry, Happy Days Treloweth


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