Music and Maths Workshop

£30.00 Inc VAT

Join award winning freelance early childhood consultant Sue Asquith and Boogie Mites tutor Tasha Bretten in an online training workshop which will focus on the potential for effective music practice to boost mathematical thinking in early years.

Training available as a replay.


Supporting development of foundations for maths learning is a key topic for early years. Mathematics plays a key role in a child’s development. Mathematical understanding helps children make sense of the world around them, interpret situations, and solve problems in everyday life. Children’s early mathematical understanding is strongly associated with their later school achievement. It has, therefore, a major impact on young people’s educational progress and life outcomes. It is crucial that we start early and make sure that all young people, regardless of their background, have access to great mathematics teaching in the early years.

Neuro-musical evidence suggests that music in early years can play a vital role to close the gap in this area, so we have got together with Sue Asquith to link her expertise in the area with our expertise in music.

In this training session, early years childhood consultant Sue Asquith will share her knowledge about early maths development in line with the ELGs, practical tips and activities for embedding maths into everyday life and for sharing this with parents.

Boogie Mites Trainer Tasha Bretten will then focus on the potential for effective music practice to boost mathematical thinking in early years. An overview of neuroscience evidence and research studies that back up the key role that music can play for boosting cognitive foundations for maths. Looking at how music is built on recurring mathematical sequences and patterns including beat, pitch, tempo and rhythm will be followed by an interactive session when you will be invited to join in and learn 3 Boogie Mites songs from our Maths programme so that you can trial them with your children to experience the maths boost for yourself!

Course Details

Training available as a replay

Cost: £30 per person (including VAT)

Course Content
  • Exploring the EYFS area of learning Mathematics
  • Neuromusical evidence supporting music as a tool for boosting maths learning
  • A recording of the workshop is made available for 1 week
Song Resources

All of the songs that we demonstrate will be available for you to access as free tasters of Boogie Mites music programmes.

  • Warm Up song – Octavia
  • Actions song – Number Five Jive
  • Tapping Song – Tap Tap Tap
Course Tutors

Sue Asquith award winning freelance early childhood consultant and author. Writing and delivering accredited and non—accredited early years training since 2004.

Tasha Bretten has been working as a Boogie Mites teacher and trainer for 2 years following 13 years as a Primary School Teacher working across all year groups, with a passion for supporting children’s literacy and musical development. Tasha is a trained opera singer but having said this she is first to say: “ You don’t have to be a trained singer to lead Boogie Mites. You can do it!”


Certificate of completion

Future discounts

After completion of this workshop, you will receive a 30% discount code off our Maths Practitioner pack and a 10% discount code to be used against any of the other products or training in our practitioner Boogie Mites shop.