Hampshire Achieves – Charter to Promote British Values

Our service strives to promote and exemplify British Values through all areas of work including directly delivered services and sub-contracted provision. Our Charter highlights a variety of ways to integrate British Values into practice through policies, procedures and delivery.

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How We Promote Democracy
  • Learner forums
  • Negotiated group contracts
  • Class debate, discussion and voting
  • Learner focus groups
  • Consultation of community partners and learners on course content, delivery and timings
  • Volunteers trained to provide in-class support for individual learners where necessary
  • Groups encouraged to become self-supporting and managing
  • Responsiveness to the needs of individuals and communities
  • Encouraging and welcoming diversity
How We Promote The Rule of Law
  • Learners well informed about safeguarding and how to express concerns
  • Centres all risk-assessed
  • Tutors are DBS checked
  • Tutors are trained in safeguarding and Prevent awareness
  • Learners well informed about equality and diversity and their rights and responsibilities
  • Learners aware of Prevent duty and how to spot early signs of radicalisation and extremism
  • Tutors challenge discriminatory, offensive and extremist views
  • Compliance with the Equality Act 2010
  • Respect for others
  • Cooperation and collaboration
  • Safe and welcoming environment
How We Promote Individual Liberty
  • Promotion of wellbeing through learning
  • Support with additional needs
  • Providing opportunities to develop English, literacy, ESOL and maths skills in areas of interest
  • Wide range of courses to appeal to diverse needs and aspirations
  • Positive progression opportunities
  • One-to-one advice and guidance
  • Raising awareness of support groups within the local community
  • Opportunities to become involved in arts & community projects
  • Responsiveness to and enrichment of individual lives
  • Recognition of rights and responsibilities
How We Promote Mutual respect
  • Encouraging debate and discussions that include contributions from all learners
  • Encouraging learners to learn from each other about different cultures
  • Encouraging critical thinking to challenge prejudice and assumptions
  • Single Equality policy
  • Developing active listening skills
  • Warm and welcoming learning environment where diversity is encouraged and respected
  • Creative and collaborative relationships with partners
How We Promote Tolerance of Different Faiths & Beliefs
  • Celebrating different religious festivals
  • Raising awareness days: mental health, homelessness, Black History month, LGBT month, stress, poverty, disabilities
  • Wide range of courses to appeal to diverse needs and aspirations
  • Developing group projects and teamwork activities which encourage interaction between people from different cultures
  • Materials reflect cultural diversity of our local communities
  • Responsiveness to different aspirations
  • Promotion of opportunities for diverse groups
  • Transforming lives through diverse learning opportunities
*Hampshire Achieves is part of the Skills & Participation Service in Hampshire County Council’s directorate of Children’s Services. These courses are being run by Boogie Mites UK Limited via Hampshire County Council’s Adult Community learning (ACL) contract.