Music and Wellbeing Webinar

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Learn how to use music to support wellbeing of children and staff. Join Sandi Phoenix from Phoenix Cups and Boogie Mites trainer, Tasha, to consider how combining the popular Phoenix Cup frame work for self-management of wellbeing can be combined with music to enrich our lives.

Training via zoom on Monday 15th July at 7-8:15pm.


Sandi will give an overview of the Phoenix Cups Framework, explaining how it offers us an insightful approach to understanding our wellbeing needs. She will explore how music contributes to filling each of our Cups. After all, music is a universal language that transcends barriers, and weaves its way into the fabric of human existence. It has the capacity to elicit emotions, spur creativity, and bring people from different backgrounds together. Not only does music entertain us, but also serves as an outlet for self-expression. Studies have even noted therapeutic effects from music such as stress relief and improved cognitive functioning. Therefore, combining the Phoenix Cups framework with music is a no brainer as an approach to enriching our lives.

Tasha and Sandi will relate this to early years learning environments, at home and in the setting, giving tips for using music to support children and staff wellbeing at the same time.

Tasha will cover 2 Boogie Mites songs that you can trial with the children, to observe their response, the effect on mood of children and staff. An energising song and a calm down song.

Course Details

Date: Monday 15th July 2024

Time: 7pm to 8:30pm

Where: via zoom (details provided after purchase)

Cost: £30 per person (including VAT)

Course Content
  • Overview of Phoenix Cups Framework
  • A recording of the workshop is made available for 1 week
Song Resources

Both of the songs that we demonstrate will be available for you to access as free tasters of Boogie Mites music programmes.

  • I Feel Alive!
  • Happy Cat
Course Tutor

Tasha Bretten has been working as a Boogie Mites Family Learning Tutor and Trainer for 2 years following 13 years as a Primary School Teacher working across all year groups, with a passion for supporting children’s literacy and musical development. Tasha is a trained opera singer but having said this she is first to say: ‘ You don’t have to be a trained singer to lead Boogie Mites. You can do it!’


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