Music and Play Schemas Workshop

£30.00 Inc VAT

Join Ange Cane from Ace Early Years and Boogie Mites Trainer Tasha Bretton for an interactive training workshop that considers schematic play linked to music play.

Training via zoom on [TBA] at 7-8:30pm.


In this training session Ange Cane focuses on play schemas, what they tell us about how children play and learn and how this can link to musical play. Schemas are frameworks or patterns, which allow children to understand or learn how things work or how to undertake tasks and are enormously important in early brain development.

Neuro-musical evidence suggest that music in early years can play a role to supporting schematic play behaviours, so we have got together with Ange from Ace Early Years to link her expertise in the area with our expertise in music.

Tasha will review the neuro-musical evidence and link understanding of schemas to music making in early years. Children learn through movement, actions and senses. Music is a multi-sensory activity and therefore is a great tool for exploring schematic play. Three Boogie Mites songs will be covered and linked to the relevant behaviours and play schemas.

Course Details

Date: TBA

Time: 7pm to 8:30pm

Where: via zoom (details provided after purchase)

Cost: £30 per person (including VAT)

Course Content
  • Ange Cane – Identifying schematic behavious in play
  • Tasha Bretten – Neuromusical evidence supporting music as a tool for supporting schemas
  • A recording of the workshop is made available for 1 week
Song Resources

All of the songs that we demonstrate will be available for you to access as free tasters of Boogie Mites music programmes.

  • Action song – D’yathinkesaurus
  • Junk percussion song – Gonna Tap
  • Under 2’s song – Peek-a-Boo You
Course Tutors

Introduction from Ange Cane:

Hi, this opportunity to work in this way with Boogie Mites suits me enormously. Those who might know me would acknowledge my love of a simplistic and fun approach to delivery and learning. I look forward to introducing you to the little Saurus characters to help gain a fun way of realising how children learn through repetitive ways. Schemas is one of my favorite Early Years subjects that I deliver. Schemas have been around as long as me, maybe even longer than my 63 years young and will always be prevalent within children’s development. Let us show you how they can be linked to music, through song and rhyme.

Tasha Bretten has been working as a Boogie Mites Family Learning Tutor and Trainer for 2 years following 13 years as a Primary School Teacher working across all year groups, with a passion for supporting children’s literacy and musical development. Tasha is a trained opera singer but having said this she is first to say: ‘ You don’t have to be a trained singer to lead Boogie Mites. You can do it!’


Certificate of completion

Future discounts

After completion of this workshop, you will receive a 10% discount code to be used against any of the products or training in our practitioner Boogie Mites shop.