Music and Circle Time

£30.00 Inc VAT

Learn how to make circle time engaging, fun and interactive. Learn tips and ideas for planning and adapting circle time to extend attention span, encourage child initiated activities, combined with the follow the leader games and how music can be the magic ingredient.

Webinar via zoom Monday 12th February 2024


Founder of Edulinxs Club UK, Montessori trained teacher Shehla Ghori, will share her experience of running circle time in a nursery setting in Dubai, followed by learning how to engage children via online activities. Shehla will share her circle time top tips, including use of music.

Tasha will talk through a Boogie Mites music workshop plan format, tried and tested to keep attention for 45 minutes. She will cover 2 Boogie Mites songs that hold the workshop together, the welcome song and the themed song/section of the workshop.

Don’t worry if you can’t attend the live time, a recording of the training will be added to you customer hub account and available to view for one week.

Course Details

Date: Monday 12th February 2024
Time: 7pm – 8:15pm
Where: Training via zoom
Cost: £30 per person (including VAT)

Course Content
  • Tips and ideas for planning and adapting circle time to extend attention span and encourage child initiated activities
  • Two Boogie Mites songs covered in detail
  • A recording of the workshop is made available for 1 week
Song Resources

Both of the songs that we demonstrate will be available for you to access as free tasters of Boogie Mites music programmes.

  • Welcome Song
  • Funky In The Barn
Course Tutors

Shehla Ghori is a qualified Montessori educator with a BSc (Hons) in Computing in Business. Despite the unique combination of qualifications, she switched careers after having children and discovered the beauty and power of the Montessori pedagogy. The global impact of Covid-19 brought about many challenges in the education sector, including the closure of nurseries depriving young children of contact and learning. Being tasked with finding innovative methods to keep preschool learning continuous, Shehla recognised the need to connect with children who couldn’t attend nursery physically.

She provided technical support, planning and guidance to educators enabling success. Parents were grateful for the resources, support, and recorded classes. The children well-received the online teaching method, with some even starting to blend their phonics exclusively through online learning. Impressed by the outstanding results, their parents requested private sessions, which were beyond the scope of Shehla’s tasks at the time.

Shehla founded the EdTech start-up Edulinxs Club in the Autumn of 2020 and researched best practices meticulously. She now offers Edulinxs Club classes worldwide. Her on-demand programs are Montessori-inspired and UK EYFS Foundation-aligned to children regardless of location. Thus the goal is “Where learning reaches every child.”

Tasha Bretten has been working as a Boogie Mites teacher and trainer for 2 years following 13 years as a Primary School Teacher working across all year groups, with a passion for supporting children’s literacy and musical development. Tasha is a trained opera singer but having said this she is first to say: “ You don’t have to be a trained singer to lead Boogie Mites. You can do it!”


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