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Tidy Up Recycling
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Tidy Up Tango

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 "I use the Tidy Up Tango in my nursery setting. My 56 three to four year olds know all the words! I no longer have to ask the children to tidy up, they just go ahead and do it as soon as the song is on!"

Put this song on every time you want to signal the end of an activity and tidy up time. You will be amazed how effective it is! Within  a couple of days, as soon as children hear the opening bars of the song, they know that is their cue to start putting those toys away. It's not magic. It's the power of music to support children to tune into sounds and words, work as a group and follow instruction and have lots of fun.

"The Tidy Up Tango song has supported the children in becoming better at tidying up and we as staff now use it as one of our transition songs." Kayleigh Hemans, Little Elms 2, Beckenham, London, UK.