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Babies Parent pack
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Baby Boogie

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Make The Most Of Baby's First Year

With Catchy Songs For Laughing And Learning Together!

Just imagine the fun that you and baby will share! Uptempo melodies for you and baby to sway to and calming lullabies to sooth frayed nerves. And you will be helping baby's early language skills too!

“At 3 months my baby recognises and concentrates on the songs, a real aid to her development”

Mum, St Cuthberts Childrens Centre, Portsmouth, UK

What's In The CD Pack?

Twenty one fabulous songs with different moods to take you through the day...and see you through the night! The CD includes some much-loved traditional nursery rhymes as well as catchy original songs for you and your baby to learn together

A booklet full of practical ideas for using songs in your daily routine - for example at bath or nappy change time - and tips to help you make the most of music to support your baby’s development. 

Click here to order our new downloadable version! 

PS. Did you know Research from the Institute of Musical Education at Frankfurt University concludes that singing strengthens the immune system and improves the singer's mood! So as an antidote to a sleepless night, turn the stereo on and sing along to your favourite Boogie Baby tune. We can recommend 'Baby Matilda's Journey' for a guaranteed mood lift!