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Parent Involvement School Ready

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Who Is This Pack For?

Have you already introduced the Boogie Mites School Ready Programme in your setting? Have you seen the benefits that active music making has for your children’s development? Then this pack is for you!

Now you can take the next step in maximising the benefits that music making can offer children by getting parents involved and increasing home practice.

Want to know more about the Aims and Objectives of the Parent Workshop Pack? Download Aims and Objectives document FREE here


How Does This Pack Increase Parent Involvement?

Music workshops provide a great way to involve parents in an active joint learning session with their child. The shared activities in this pack give you everything you need to offer Boogie Mites School Ready Music workshops as part of your parent involvement plan or transition, offering a fun and effective vehicle to:

1. Increase parent awareness about how to support their child's development in the EYFS

2. Improve home practice

3. Strengthen practitioner - parent relationships

4. Share information about how to support language development as part of everyday life

5. Promote EYFS messages in your setting with 7 'Aspects' posters like these

Letters and Sounds Aspect 1

What's In The Pack?

  1. Three Parent Workshop Plans

  2. Seven Letters and Sounds 'Aspects' Posters

  3. Learning Outcomes For Parents and Children

  4. Information Letter To Parents Inviting Them To Attend A Workshop

  5. Parent Handouts (Learning aims, Letters and Sounds Phase 1 overview)

  6. Parent evaluation forms (suggested format for feedback form)

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