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Christmas Pack 2014 809 x 540
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Christmas Arctic Adventure Pack

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This collection of Boogie Mites songs can be used to create a performance for parents, a singing assembly or just as a fun way to explore the Christmas theme. The Arctic Adventure Music Training Pack is accompanied by the Autumn Action Songs CD for a music-filled Autumn Term.


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The pack can be used to teach children about the non-religious traditions of Christmas. We have also included a song relating to the Nativity Story.

The songs can be used with children from 18 months to 5 years and, as with all Boogie Mites resources, the songs support the Early Years Foundation Stage, with a particular focus on the 3 Prime Areas and School Ready skills. The songs can be used in any order and can be used individually or in a group. We have included a suggested performance order to get you started with optional ideas for costumes and scripts suitable for older children.


  • CD of 9 Christmas songs with instrumental versions where required
  • DVD of 7 of these songs in action
  • Song lyrics with actions
  • Suggestions for Practising and Performing Each Song
  • Prop Ideas
  • A suggested performance order for a non-religious Christmas show
  • Script for older children or adults
  • How To Make Sheet covering the instruments suggested


All for £39.60 inc VAT.

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