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Working With ICAN

ICAN list Boogie Mites parent CD packs and parent workshop packs for settings to get parents involved. ICAN recognise the important part that music can play in supporting communication development in Early Years.

For many years Boogie Mites has supported the Chatterbox Challenge run by children's communication charity ICAN, to raise funds to help children who struggle to communicate. 

Boogie Mites has provided music sessions for I Can's Chatter Matters national roadshows, part of the Chatterbox Challenge initiative.

 Jonathan Wright, I CAN's Communication Advisor, explains,  "Communication skills are the vital tool for children to be able to make friends, learn and achieve their full potential. These skills need to be nurtured from birth and beyond, and these Roadshows provide parents with free information, advice and activities to help their children become confident communicators.

Boogie Mites has been an important contributor to these events, leading interactive music sessions that have engaged families in activities to support speech and communication.

Read more about I Can by clicking on the link below.

I Can