Greener Christmas

Octavias Eight Ideas

Christmas is a great time to introduce children to recycling as it is a time of year that so much rubbish is produced. Here are some of Boogie Mites top ideas for making it a greener Christmas

1.       Shake, Rock and Roll . Follow the instructions we have given to make shakers or a drum, and decorate them with Christmas theme. Then you are ready to download some of our Christmas tracks and get shaking or drumming along! Alternatively use your recycling materials to make fantastic sounds and great band
2.       Dec the halls with the colourful pages from old magazines or comics. Simply cut the pages into strips, loop them round, secure with either glue or stick tape and you will have fantastic paper chains 
3.       Perfect Gift Boxes can be made from saving and using the array of boxes previously used to store cereal, dishwashing powder tablets etc. Let the children paint and decorate them in a Christmas theme. Then line the boxes with tissue paper and fill with fantastic Christmas gift. Then seal the box by tying a ribbon around it or by just adding a box and gift tag.
4.       Special Christmas Crackers can be made by using up all of those left over cardboard tubes. Just fill the tube with handpicked gift for each Christmas dinner recipient. Wrap the tube with crepe paper, twist at both ends and tie with ribbon to secure and decorate the front, clearly adding the person’s name that is was made for. You can even get the children to add in their own jokes.
5.       Christmas Puppet Show. If you have discovered all of last year’s Christmas cards in with your decorations, why not cut out the characters to make puppets. Just stick them on to a straw, stick or lolly stick with sticky tape and you have a wonderful Christmas cast. Either make up your own play using the puppets or get them to act out a Christmas story.
Resource: Old Christmas Cards.
6.       Decorate your tree with natural and biodegradable materials, children with have great fun and can appreciate their work been our display for next few weeks to come. Why not make cookies in fun Christmas shapes to hang on the tree or pomanders made form organdies and cloves.
7.       Recycling containers, if you haven’t already got separate recycling containers in your home this is a great time to start and get the children activity involved. Organise three boxes, bags or tubs and get the children to make labels for them Paper, plastics and glass. Then get them to help out and think about which container each piece of packaging should go in to. Recommend listening to song Dan the Can, great song not just to sing and dance along to but also learn about recycling. You could even set up your own Dan The Can Bag.
8.       Real Tree Recycling. If you have got a real but rootless tree this Christmas you can take it to be recycled after Christmas. The woodchips from the trees are used in playground and parks or to make mulch for public gardens. Check with your council where your nearest tree recycling centre is.

Recommended Songs

Why not check out our The World Around US Section in the shop to download the following songs to use at home over Christmas holidays

Theme: Recycling

Just two great recycling songs that will help support the topic of recycling
  • Dan the Can – great recycling song to support recycling song
  • Do , Ray,  Mi – fantastic to support junk percussions


Theme: Festivals and Celebrations

This selection of Christmas songs will help get you in the swing of Christmas.
  • Jingle Bells
  • Arctic Hop
  • Christmas Cake
  • Its Christmas Time
  • When Santa Got Stuck