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  • 25Apr

    Music and Mood - Music and Food!

    “Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth …”

    I’m sure you’ve all heard the infectious song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, and you may have even seen any number of wonderful videos on social media with children (from 2 to 92!) dancing along to it. But what is it about music that can really lift our mood or help to calm us down, and what could this mean for our work with young children?

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    Posted by Lucy Perkins @ 13:05

  • 01Mar

    How Can I Keep From Dancing?

    The World Health Organization (WHO) recognises that childhood obesity is one of the most serious global public health challenges for the 21st century. The latest figures reveal that over a fifth of children in Reception year (aged 4-5) are overweight or obese, which can have serious implications for longer-term health.

    Let’s just think about that for a second…

    Over 20% of children are overweight or obese when they start school

    It’s quite a figure – which means, as parents of children in the early years, or the practitioners who work with them, we have to be part of the solution to the growing problem.

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    Posted at 21:34

  • 14Feb

    Intergenerational music-making: creating communities, sharing songs, finding friendships


    “Intergenerational music-making? What on earth is THAT?!” I hear you ask! Yes, it certainly does sound complex, but the reality is that it is just people from different age groups making music together. You may have seen a lovely film circulating in both print and social media about an intergenerational learning centre in Seattle. A preschool is situated next to a centre for older people and they come together for lots of different activities (including music) and have found that both groups have the time of their lives!


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    Filed under: MediaPosted at 10:08

  • 10Jan

    How To Make A DIY Music Kit For Pennies!

    Instrument Basket


    Your basic music kit for active music making can be very simple and best of all can be made by you very inexpensively. When you involve the children in making instruments you are also offering them an opportunity for creative play where they can develop their language, physical and social skills – and that’s before they have even started to play the instruments. So read on to find out how to make your DIY Music Kit!

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    Posted at 08:08

  • 10Jan

    How To Make Their First Week Fun With Drums! (Series 1/4)

    How To Make Big School Fun With Drums No Text
    If you are a reception teacher – or even if you are getting ready for your new pre school intake – you have one thing on your mind: what on earth to do with 30 children when they arrive in September.  With all your concerns about routines, settling in, classroom organisation, behaviour management systems etc you may be forgiven for thinking that you really don't have time to thing about making drums for heavens sake! I'm here to change your mind with video training and downloadables that make implementing music easy!

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    Posted at 07:49

  • 09Jan

    Recycle Christmas Debris Into Junk Percussion: Here's How!

    Remember this??

    Christmas Stock Snapcopyrght free

    Christmas may seem like a distant memory but you may still have some reminders of the fun - like sweet tins, disgarded wrapping paper, cardboard tubes and boxes.


    STOP! Don't throw away your rubbish, let's all see what noise it makes!!


    Read on and discover how to create EYFS music activities using recycled 'rubbish'.

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    Posted at 19:48

  • 10Nov

    Music For Children With Hearing Impairments: 5 Top Tips

    Following on from our last blog about ‘why’ hearing impaired and deaf children can and should be given the opportunity to access music, we’ve compiled 5 top tips to help you omake your music sessions more accessible for them.

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    Posted at 06:50

  • 04Nov

    Good Vibrations: Why Deaf Children Need Music Too

    There are often many misconceptions about the point of music for deaf children. “Surely if they can’t hear anything, then they won’t be able to hear music?” Well actually, that all depends on your perception of what ‘hearing’ actually means. Deaf children have just the same cognitive ability to process sounds as hearing children. This means the benefits of music are vital to support learning and development for all children, regardless of hearing impairment.

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    Posted at 09:08

  • 29Oct

    Win our School Ready Music Programme

    This term we are very excited to launch a competition offering the chance to win our best-selling School Ready Music Programme for your setting.

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    Posted at 10:05

  • 27Oct

    Guest Blog: Halloween and Bonfire Night Essential First Aid

    Emma-Hammett-at-First-Aid-for-Life    In this first of our Guest Blog series, Emma Hammet CEO of award winning first aid training company First Aid For Life explains some of the hazards of Halloween and Bonfire night. From non flame resistant fancy dress costumes to unhygienic Trick or Treat sweets, read Emma's guide to enjoying the upcoming festivities safely.

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    Posted at 12:21