As the Boogie Mites lyrics go.. "I have made a shaker, a shaker just for me and when I shake my shaker just look what I can be...."  

Shakers are a fantastic way to explore sounds, rhythm and movement with children, therefore they are an essential instrument in our workshops. They are great fun and easy to make at home or in an Early Years setting. Here are the 5 quick easy steps to get you shaking. 

Step 1. You will need a receptacle with a lid, almost any will do as long as it is non-breakable. Plastic drink bottles, potato chip tubes, cleaning product plastic containers (washed well!).  

Step 2. The clean and dry receptacle can then be filled with rice or lentils for a lighter sounding shaker, corn or chick peas for somting a bit louder. You can also add a small amount of packaging which help bulk out the content. 

Step 3. Secure the lide with glue and sticky tape. We tend to use electrical masking tape as it can be colourful and is tough, help prolong life of the shaker. 

Step 4. Next you can decorate the shaker, which is part of the craft activity the children can really get involved with and love. You can decorate it with stickers, painting, ribbon; plus it can be decorated to fit with a specific theme or just to capture elements of a favourite song, rhyme or story. 

Step 5. Then use Sticky back plastic to cover the final design as it can help protect paint, cuttings, glitter, stickers or whatever material that you have chosen to use.

Happy Shaking!