Rhythm Sticks

Rhythm sticks are great for children to feel the beat of the music and to break down and sound out words. Boogie Mites recognise what a fantastic literacy aid they are, therefore we have written lots of songs to encourage the use of rhythm sticks and tapping out words.



Follow our two easy steps to make your own:


Step 1: Need to buy some dowel from any timber merchant and saw it into 7” lengths, and sand it down so that it is ready for painting and varnishing




Step 2: Children can help with the painting but the varnishing is sticky and messy and should be done by an adult to ensure complete coverage. All paint and varnish must be non-toxic and child friendly.


Tip: By painting them in different colours and using different patterns, we also use our sticks to support sequencing and pattern recognition. Drop us an email and we will let you know about our game "Stick or Swap"; enquiry@boogiemites.co.uk