Transition programme

What Benefits Can Music Making Provide For Transition?

Music making in early years has been proven by neuroscientists to hone, grow and develop neural connections in the brain like no other activity. 

The evidence suggests that children who undertake music education from early years have higher levels of cognitive capacity,especially regarding language acquisition and numerical problem solving. Even better news is that it can also reverse the cognitive issues relating to disadvantage.” Anita Collins, a researcher in neuroscience and music education at the University of Canberra, Sydney Herald July 2015.

Introduce Families To Your Setting With Fun Music Activities That Boost Development

Boogie Mites transition sessions and courses offer a great opportunity to introduce children to their new school and involve parents in a shared music and play session, while learning about how this supports their child’s development. The course will cover songs and supporting activities, which include craft ideas for making own props and instruments, rhymes, musical and word play games.

Consisting of a single workshop or course of workshops for parents and children, settings using this programme have noticed the positive impact that it has in aiding transition into school. 

Support School Ready Skills Through Music As Part Of Your Transition Activities 

Linking to Letters and Sounds Phase 1, Boogie Mites School Ready Transition Workshops are designed to raise parent awareness about how to use musical activities to

  1. support development of their children’s sound processing skills
  2. boost phonological awareness
  3. strengthen the foundations for literacy
  4. initiate sequencing and pattern work to lay strong foundations for maths skills

How The Transition Workshop Is Structured

We lead a shared music session for up to 20 families to demonstrate how the musical activities and songs are not only developing literacy and maths skills but they are also engaging and fun. Parents receive

  • an information sheet before the session
  • a handout to take home
  • a CD pack so that they can practice at home throughout the Summer holidays

Format Of A Transition Workshop

Workshop length:one hour (15 minutes introduction and 45 minutes music session)

The music session format is as follows:

- Vocal warm ups – playing with voice sounds, tempo, pitch and dynamics

- Action song – body percussion routines, co-ordination, memory recall and gross motor skills

- Themed section – role play, action/sound story, expression, vocabulary, articulation, contributing ideas, imagination

- Percussion section (sticks and drums) – sequencing, pattern work, call and response, listening, counting, following the leader.

- Tidy Up time – confidence, group skills

For more information about Boogie Mites Transition sessions and courses contact Sue, 02392817274