Parent Music and Craft Workshops

Creative Learning Musical Partnership

Dynamic, creative and fun, Boogie Mites are now offering Children’s Centres Music and Craft Workshops to cover our unique music and movement programmes that support EYFS and provide ongoing support for home learning.

Lively, enjoyable and interactive, Boogie Mites workshops are a valuable activity for Children’s Centres focused on attracting and engaging with hard to reach parents, requiring extra support for literacy and parent/child shared activities. Offering an inclusive social activity, that is beneficial for SEN, ETL, Dads and children of mixed ages up to 8.

The two hour workshops can be held during term time, week days or Saturdays, the holidays or as a Special Event and can cover any of Boogie Mites respected music programmes to support EYFS or compiled to link with any theme to match the need of your community event.

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