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Parent and Child Shared Learning Sessions

Music workshops provide a great opportunity for joint learning and bonding for parents and pre-school children. Working with Family Learning experts from several local authorities as well as with Children's Centre Managers and Outreach Workers Boogie Mites have developed a range of Shared Learning courses with a proven track record in engaging even the hardest to reach families.

We include a craft element in most courses, so that families can work together to create a 'Song Sack' of instruments and props to use at home, in conjuction with a Boogie Mites Parent CD pack, thereby improving the home learning environment and extending the value of the course.

Boogie Mites family learning courses are available as one-off 2 hour tasters or as 10-12 hour courses.

Learning Outcomes For Parents:

  • To participate in a shared activity with their child supporting their social and group skills
  • To gain an overview understanding of the the EYFS 3 Prime Areas of Learning understanding how the songs and activities covered support development in these areas at this stage*
  • To learn new songs and activities for practice at home during and after the course

Learning Outcomes For Children: 

  • To participate in a shared activity with parent and group, developing social and emotional skills such as bonding, taking turns, sharing, co-operating, social interaction
  • To develop physical skills through moving with music and handling instruments
  • To develop communication, language and listening skills through tuning into sounds, listenign to and playing with voice sounds, patterns of sounds, rhythm, rhymes and gaining confidence for self expression through music

Evaluation Tools

It is important to us to measure the impact of our courses. We do this using start-and-end of course evaulations that track learners’ progress over a number of variables. 

We Offer Shared Learning Courses In The Following Music And Movement Programmes:

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