Music For SEN


Music allows children with Special Educational Needs to shine!

Sean is a Year 1 child with severe learning difficulties, who is currently non-verbal. He loves music and he lights up when his favourite songs are sung to him. We sang Crocodile as a class, carrying out the actions, snapping our hands together, stomping around the classroom, the children having a whale of a time. The song finished and Sean came up to me, clapping his hands together as the crocodile did in the song, showing that he wanted to sing it again. He indicates his recognition of his favourite Boogie Mites songs by repeating the actions and is able to and what is more important, wants to communicate this to us, which is an exceptionally big step forward for him. Emma Whewell, Year R Teacher, Cliffdale School, Portsmouth 

Nursery World Review

 Case Study from Overley Hall Special Needs Primary School

With this music programme you can

  • Develop your confidence to use music based activities
  • Engage children of all abilities
  • Support language development
  • Encourage physical development
  • Share fun, laughter and learning

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“I would personally recommend Boogie Mites to colleagues in this field because the songs are more grown up than nursery rhymes and, for my pupils, using them combined with simple equipment to beat out rhythms makes it a lot more age appropriate.”  Dee Marshall, Overley Hall Special Needs Primary School, Telford

“We find the CD and song book a very good support which helps us to boost our confidence.  The children enjoy making sounds and noises.  Being a Special Needs nursery even the children who are not able to speak are happy to make sounds and noises with their voices.  It is a great way to improve the children’s language and creative skills.  Thank you again."  Eniko Kocsis, The Rainbow Centre, Fareham

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