Testimonials & Case Studies

In 2016, I led training at Collie Early Education (WA) using the Boogie Mites School Ready Music Programme to Support Letters and Sounds Phase One.

Three months following training I revisited Collie Early Education to observe how early years educators have introduced these new and inspirational music activities into their setting to support children's key communication, social, physical, maths and early literacy skills.

Bangedy Bang Bang (Letters and Sounds Phase One, Aspect 5 - Alliteration)

This popular Boogie Mites song uses drums that the children have made from recylced materials. In this clip you can see how the children are bonding in shared enjoyment of the drumming activity. They are learning to tune into the beat - a key pre literacy skill - and demonstrating counting skills.

Tap Your Sticks (Letters and Sounds Phase One, Aspect 4 - Rhythm&Rhyme)

This song uses rhythm sticks which again can be made by the setting. They are fantastic for tapping out word rhythms, tuning into the beat and - as with this song - helping children to identify rhyming words associated with the body.  The upbeat tempo also encourages movement, and so supports fitness and physical dvelopment.

Funky In The Barn (Letters and Sounds Phase One, Aspect 6 - Voice Sounds)

Children and adults love this song! It's a fantastic action song for developing coordination. Children are encouraged to make farm animal noises and explore their voices.