Boogie Mites Classes In London

The first five years of your child’s life are precious.

They are your chance to share your child’s first magical experiences and to help her learn the skills she will need in her journey through life.

Music provides a unique way to share special moments with your child and to nurture your child’s language skills, physical development and confidence.

At your local Boogie Mites music session, you will find a friendly, relaxed environment  where your child can have fun making music. With singing, action songs, percussion and plenty of fun, funky songs, you and your child will love your weekly boogie!

Boogie Mites has been an amazing opportunity for my little girl, it has aided her learning in a variety of areas and boosted her social confidence.  She gets very excited about coming every week. Mum, Keepsake Children’s Centre, Portchester, Hants 

So join your local Boogie Mites group today and start a musical journey of discovery that you and your little one can share.

Boogie Mites Classes in Camberwell

Boogie Mites Classes in Croydon