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RosieMeadMusicaHello and welcome to Boogie Mites Blandford! 

I’m Rosie Mead and I'm passionate about music and the role it can play in happiness, wellbeing and brain development for all ages. When I first came across Boogie Mites I was delighted to find a company that combined fun and engaging music activities with the scientifically proven benefits of music for for all aspects of early childhood development. And when I discovered the  Boogie Mites School Ready Music and Movement Programme I knew this was something I wanted to bring to families with young children in my area.......So come along and join me in a Boogie Mites musical journey!


You can start right away by downloading your free Tidy Up Tango song below.

This is one of our most our most popular songs and when you see how enthusiastically your child tidies up every time you play the song you will wonder how you got along without it!

yes please



Boogie Mites is coming to your area with the Boogie Mites School Ready Programme

With funky songs, lots of percusssion and creative music making this course is perfect for children 2-4 years who want to share music fun with their responsible adult AND boost their cognitive development and confidence!

Don't miss your chance to have lots of fun and boost your child's leaning.


Email Rosie on Rosiem@boogiemites.co.uk to find out about the School Ready Programme