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  • Maths Music Training Pack

Maths Music Training Pack

  • CD of 10 songs

  • DVD training covering neuro scientific research linking music to brain development, explanation of how each song links to Maths Development Matters

  • Videos of all the songs being delivered in a setting and extension activities with links to Maths Development Matters

  • A5 note cards with EYFS links tips for progression to support your planning

EYFS Specific Area: Maths


Learn how to use songs, movement and percussion play to

  • Lay strong foundations for sequencing and pattern work

  • Introduce shapes, positional language and problem solving

  • Develop spacial awareness and memory recall

  • Recite number names in sequence

  • Make comparisons between quantities and Measures

  • Use mathematical and positional language

A fun refreshing way to further the children’s development in maths, also in music and movement. This will give us lots of laughs and lots of confidence.”

Fiona Pease, Aviary Nursery, Eastleigh.



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