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Boogie Mites Programmes Terms and Condiitons

The Legal Stuff...and FREE BONUS RESOURCES!


When you buy a Boogie Mites Complete Music Pack for your setting, you are also purchasing  a lifetime licence to use the materials in your named setting with the following terms and conditions:


  • The Licence for use of the programme is assigned to the named setting.
  • The Programme is for use in the named Early Years setting and may not be transferred without agreement with Boogie Mites UK Ltd.
  • The programme cannot be used for financial or commercial gain.
  • The programme material cannot be copied, incorporated in any other material, distributed, broadcast or used in any other form without the written permission of Boogie Mites UK Ltd.

Following purchase of the programme pack you will asked to complete a Copyight/Licence Form, agreeing to these terms and  registering the licence with your setting.


Your Boogie Mites License gives you these additional priviledges:


  • access to the Licensee site and bonus resources for this programme including extra songs and videos
  • 10% discount on purchase of any further Boogie Mites products or services


Please note that this Licence does not cover use of the programme by freelance practitioners visiting different settings. Please refer to the Boogie Mites Franchisees website page for information about a Licence for freelance practitioners.


If you have any questions please call Sue on 02392 817274