Family Learning


Music workshops provide a great opportunity for joint learning and bonding for parents and pre-school children. Working with Family Learning experts from several local authorities as well as with Children's Centre Managers and Outreach Workers, Boogie Mites have developed a range of courses which aim to:

  • Increase opportunities for EY families to participate in active music making 
  • Increase parent understanding of the EYFS
  • Increase parent understanding of how they can use music to support the 3 Prime areas
  • Increase home music making activities
  • Increase opportunities for Signposting to other courses

Boogie Mites' original songs and creative music activities have proved to engage even the hardest to reach families with feedback being very positive. We include a craft element in most courses, so that families can work together to create a 'Song Sack' of instruments and props to use at home, in conjuction with a Boogie Mites Parent CD pack. Click on the links below to find out more about our Family Learning Courses.

6-10 Hour Courses

2 Hour Taster sessions

Evaluation Tools


The courses are a great way to get families involved in a fun activity over a number of weeks and offer a friendly and supportive environment in which parents can learn about other opportunities with Family Learning, including literacy and numeracy courses for themselves to help them support their child’s learning as they move on to school.

We currently work with Family Learning in Hampshire, Surrey, Portsmouth and Barnet.

To contact us about Family Learning opportunities please click here