EYPP Allocation Mindmap


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And while we are thinking about how to narrow the attainment gap... Did You Know?

...research shows that children who participate in active music making have

  1. higher levels of language acquisition

  2. improved numerical problem solving 


AND active music making can also reverse the cognitive issues relating to disadvantage

Often early years settings wonder if they can afford to have a music budget. But with evidence like this,can they afford not to?  

Do you want to test the power of music to strengthen routines and develop listening and speaking skills? Try the Tidy Up Tango song


It only costs 99p plus VAT... but the benefits are priceless    

"I use the Tidy Up Tango in my nursery setting. My 56 three to four year olds know all the words! I no longer have to ask the children to tidy up, they just go ahead and do it as soon as the song is on!"


Click here to get the Tidy Up Tango song and start transforming children's learning with music.


"The Tidy Up song has supported the children in becoming better at tidying up and we as staff now use it as one of our transition songs." Kayleigh Hemans, Little Elms Nursery, London, UK.