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  • For Early Years Practitioners (ex)

For Early Years Practitioners (ex)

Boogie Mites training gives Early Years Practitioners the knowledge, resources and confidence  to implement high quality music making to support learning across Early Years Foundation Stage.  

  • Explore the neuroscientific research that shows music boosts development 
  • Discover how to use music activities to promote specific EYFS outcomes
  • Increase engagement and wellbeing

“Listening and attention skills have really improved. It’s such an easy and fun way of re-enforcing the delivery of the EYFS and the benefits are numerous.” Jo Lovegrove(Manager), Little Smilers, Cranmer Primary School, UK

"I would like to feedback to you how much I have benefited from your training. I started doing the Clap Clap song as a wake up song after resting time. As soon as I start singing I’ve got all 25 children jumping up and down. I started singing the Chocolate Cake song and all the little children tell me their favourite foods while we tap to the rhythm. 

Mothers have reported how their kids keep chanting these songs all evening. We hope to start incorporating these songs as part of our letters and sound program after the winter holidays." Gitty Steiner, Early Years Practitioner, Hackney, London



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Get the music magic! Train with us now and transform learning with music.

Call me, Sue Newman, on 023 9281 7274 

Or you can email me at Sue@boogiemites.co.uk

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Thank You and Happy Boogie-ing!