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School Ready Music Training Resource (Letters and Sounds Phase One)

Music Has Outstanding Benefits For Child Development

Now you can harness the learning power of music with Boogie Mites fun, easy-to-use and RESEARCH BACKED music training resources that make YOU the music expert (no previous music training required!)

Want To Give It A Go?

Here is a song for you to try from the Boogie Mites CD/DVD music training School Ready Pack supporting Letters and Sounds Phase One

“Our setting recently invested in the Boogie Mites training CD/DVD.  We cannot believe the positive results we have had already! Listening and attention skills have really improved. It is practical, easy to use and follow, informative and supportive.  It is an investment as any new staff can easily have access to the training. Boogie Mites is now permanently scheduled in to our daily planning . It’s such an easy and fun way of re-enforcing the delivery of the EYFS and the benefits are numerous”. Jo Lovegrove (Manager), Little Smilers, Cranmer Primary School, Mitcham, Surrey.

The Song - Chocolate Cake 

This is a good song for breaking down words into their syllable components. Ask the group for a favourite healthy snack eg bananas and tap it out – ba-na- nas, 1,2,3, taps.  Follow it by saying 'Hands up who likes bananas, (sticks in the air ) Yummy, yummy,yummy, put it in my tummy (rub your sticks on your tummy as you say this) I love (point the sticks at yourself) You love (point your sticks at the children ) bananas.  

There are three repetitions of each of 3 foods or drinks – so tap out the 3 chosen words before putting on the instrumental version and singing and tapping along.

'Chocolate Cake' download 

Instrumental Version

The School Ready Pack supporting Letters and Sounds Phase One includes an instrumental version of the song so that you can add in your own food words.

For example at Christmas time you can use 'Christmas pud', 'hot mince pies', 'Christmas cake', 'brussel sprouts' and so on.

'Chocolate Cake' instrumental download

Video Training

To really get the hang of how to deliver this song it helps to see someone model delivery.

That's why the Boogie Mites music training solutions include vidoes of all the songs included so that you can

  • model delivery
  • increase your own confidence and expertese
  • share music resources easily with colleagues
  • practice at home or during CPD sessions

Chocolate cake video download

Resources Required

In the video you will see children using rhythm sticks.

If you dont have these dont worry - you can tap out the rhythms using

  • body percussion (clapping, stamping, tapping knees)
  • 2 jam jar lids tapped together - get parents invloved by asking them to bring them in
  • make rhythm sticks using dowel from any DIY shop

If you have any questions please drop me a line at harriet@boogiemites.co.uk

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