A Whole(Wheat) Learning Experience


Inclusive learning is at its most effective when it takes place in a sensory rich environment that responds to all learning styles.

This Christmas we are giving you the tools so that you can use music, movement, role play and craft to provide a creative and effective learning environment in your setting.

In our 1st and 2nd Advent windows we gave you

  1. a video you can watch to model delivery
  2. a free song download

You can use the video and song to support Healthy Living and Communication (see instructions below)

Now we are adding to that package with a craft activity that provides another opportunity to introduce the Healthy Living topic and also promotes Physical Development.

This music activity is taken from Boogie Mites Healthy Living Music Training Pack


5 Easy Steps To Delivering This Active Music Making Activity

1. Watch the video to model delivery

2.  Download the mp3 below (right click and 'save as' to save to your device)

3. Gather the resources outlines in number 3 below.

4. Follow steps 4-7 to deliver the song

5. Follow with the craft activity



1. Bear Named Sue Song Download

2. Bear Named Sue Song Video

3. Props - Teddy Bear, plastic cups and plates, minature cereal boxes and milk or juice cartons, teddy clothes

4. Prelude to the Song:

  • Talk about the daily routine starting with getting out of bed, have a big strectch, get dressed, have breakfast
  • Talk about breakfast – what did the children have? What is a healthy breakfast?
  • Going outdoors to play after breakfast – what is the children’s favourite activities in the garden or park?
  • Talk about active outdoor games to keep fit and importance of being active
  • Ask children to bring in a favourite teddy bear from home
  • Introduce Sue The Bear – a Nursery teddy. Sue likes healthy food and an active life style and early to bed to get lots of sleep before another busy day...

5. Leading the song

  • Sitting in a circle, each child has a teddy
  • Act out Sue’s routine with the song or as a rhyming story

6. Links Healthy Living Focus Areas

  • Eat Well
  • Move More
  • Love Nature

7. Suggested Support Activities:

  • Keep all the props and Sue the Bear in a box and leave it in the home play area for children to access and play with
  • Sue can be used in games about self care, add washing, teeth cleaning and bathing to Sue’s routine
  • As the children to describe the routine for a day out for Sue

Like This Activity?

Find lots more like it in the Healthy Living Music Training Pack, complete with DVD video training, CD of songs and teacher notes for links to EYFS and progression.

Craft Activity - Wholewheat Hoop Worms

hoop worm

We like craft activities that are easy to resource, fun to do and support learning. This one ticks all those boxes.

You will need

  • Wholewheat cereal hoops
  • String

This Activity Supports

  • Fine motor skills
  • Counting - ask children to pick out 10 hoops for their worm, or count them as they are threaded. Leave this bit out if kids are not at the counting stage
  • Healthy Eating - talk about the importance of breakfast and what is a healthy breakfast
  • For familyn settings, support playing together and parent child-communication
  • Confidence - children get a sense of achievement by making something they can take home...and eat!
  • Social Skills - sharing and working together
  • Knowledge of the world around us - talk about worms, where do we find them, what do they do etc