Meet Louise

Louise Hollis FoxI wanted to change my job as I had a young family:  this was the flexible opportunity I had been looking for. I began the training in September 2011 which involved observing, shadowing and being mentored by an existing Boogie Mites practitioner.  It was absolutely crucial in building up my confidence and leadership techniques and I had really supportive discussions my mentor.  I began my first group in January 2012 I now run seven Boogie Mites classes a week across Gosport over four days. It is a very happy and very fulfilling job.  Boogie Mites combines all my passions and allows me to be in full control of my time and, subsequently, my life. 


For more details the about benefits of becoming a Boogie Mites Licensee, including

·         details of tried-and-tested  music and movement programmes that support the Early Years Foundation Stage 
·         a comprehensive package of training and business advice  
·         one-to-one support from your own personal mentor during your first year of trading
·         a warm, friendly and approachable team who will share their experiences and know-how to make your Boogie Mites journey fun and rewarding 

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