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What Is The Boogie Mites Healthy Living Programme?


Are you are looking for a fun way to help your family have a more healthy lifestyle?

The Boogie Mites Healthy Living Music and Movement Programme is a collection of 19 fun and funky songs and was created as a part of the UK government's 'Change For Life' strategy. The programme is designed for families with children 2-7yrs to: 

  • get everyone involved in more physical activity
  • develop healthy eating habits.
  • play together as a family

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You can use the songs and parent booklet to help you:                 

  • Eat Well: Did you know that when we eat foods from all the colour groups, we are getting the optimum range of vitamins from our fruit and veg?  The song 'Rainbow on my plate' helps us to think about the different colours of the fruit and veg that we enjoy eating.  'Yummy Yummy Yummy' is a catchy song that you can sing at mealtimes or snack times to help children choose their favourite healthy foods to eat. Children will also benefit from developing their language skills as they learn to clap out word rhythms.
  • Move More: Our action song 'Lets go to the park' will get the whole family moving and thinking about fun active things to do outside and 'Just Like Me' is a gentle action song you can do anywhere.
  • Grow Your Own: Our foot tapping number 'Watch it Grow' takes you through the process of growing a green bean from seed and the charming 'Why Don't You Love Me' explains the role of worms and bees. 
  • Recycle: 'Dan the Can' explains how a drinks can is recycled and will get everyone singing along and Do Re Mihelps you make music with the everyday things you can find a round the house.
  • Relax: Kids can get tired and stressed just like we can. So introduce them to the calming benefits of yoga with the magical 'Happy cat sad cat'. Meet lions, frogs and butterflies and end up feeling calm and relaxed.

There's lots more too! .....there are 19 fun songs on the CD which are accompanied with a parent booklet to help you make the most of each song.

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