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  • ...so there I was about to have a meltdown from overexposure to nursery rhymes!

...so there I was about to have a meltdown from overexposure to nursery rhymes!

Time for some new songs I decided and started to write some, taking my inspiration from my children – by now I had 2 beautiful girls - and from the families and children I saw every day at the family centre. I shamelessly exploited the talents of my daughters and had them sing on many songs that you can hear for yourself on our CDs.

Using these fun original songs that I wrote for parents to enjoy as much their children, I started to lead music sessions for families with under fives. I was still a penniless singer/songwriter, (romantic isn't it?) and now mother-nature had decided to bestow another gift and I had 2 beautiful daughters to support. So instead of buying a load of fancy instruments for my music sessions, I looked around my flat and using the usual array of empty plastic bottles and baby milk tins that any young parent may have lying about, I set about creating a homemade percussion kit that was child-friendly, fun to use and cost next-to-nothing. And so Boogie Mites was born a fun and funky music resource that all parents with young families can share with their children.

Fast forward to the present

The years have flown and my beautiful baby girl just got 3 A stars in her A levels (no she didn’t go to private school!). Meanwhile my youngest daughter is following in the footsteps of Leona Lewis and Katie Melua and is studying music at the London’s famous Brit School. Now I’m not saying that their early and constant exposure to music can be directly linked to their successful school careers but it surely helped a lot. In fact research undertaken over the past 20 years confirms that active participation in music making is linked to improved mental health, confidence, language development, numeracy abilities and physical fitness – and that goes for adults too!

My other “baby”, Boogie Mites, has grown too. I little imagined when I wrote ‘Clap Clap Clap’, my first song for children, that 13 years later that same song would be featured on the British Council and Education City websites and be sung by children from Tennassee to Toledo. If you had told me 13 years ago that one day I would be lecturing in British Universities about how to use music to support young children’s development or that I would travel to China to meet with Early Years educators there, I simply would not have believed you. Of course Boogie Mites is not just me now. I have my business partner Sue Newman, keeping me and my crazy ideas in check and an incredible team of trainers and workshop leaders whose skill, passion and commitment to music education and to enriching the lives of the families and teachers they work with, simply blows me away.

We have literally 1000s of parents, teachers and child education experts telling us how Boogie Mites has helped them to use music to support the development of children from birth to 5yrs. You can read some here.

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PS. Here is a video you can use in your settings...it’s me leading the song that started the whole thing off, Clap Clap Clap.

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