Regular Music and Movement Sessions

Choose Boogie Mites and make music part of the learning journey for the children in your Early Years setting. Our music workshops use percussion, props and original, funky songs within a well planned format of Annual Themed Workshops. Our workshop plans support development across the EYFS with a focus on the 3 Prime areas, with each song and musical activity linked to specific Learning Outcomes. All of our workshop leaders are DBS checked and enrich each session with their backgrounds in performance and/or teaching. All of our workshop leaders complete regular CPD and are assessed annually by our a member of our in-house assessement team.

Boogie Mites has been an inspirational addition to our nursery schedule. The originality, versatility and range of songs make a refreshing change to our everyday circle of times.   The props, instruments and personalities of the staff never fail to captivate the children.  As well  as  having  fun,  the  children  are  taught  the  basic  theories  of music  and  songs including  scales,  beats  and  rhythm.    The  change  in  our  children’s musical  awareness never fails to astound us at the end of each session.   Little Tug Boat Day Nursery, Fulham.

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