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For many years our teams of Boogie Mites teachers have delivered the Boogie Mites music and movement sessions in London, Surrey and Hampshire. Demand for our product has been such that our core business has moved away from direct delivery of sessions for schools, nurseries and private parent groups as we have grown our practitioner training business.

Now we want to make the direct delivery of Boogie Mites wonderful programmes available to all parents, settings and children nationally. By launching our license business our aim is to support those individuals who are committed to children and who love music to bring the learning power of music to children in every area of the UK.  Running your own business is not for everyone: it takes dedication and hard work. But the joy and fulfillment that we feel when we read the wonderful testimonials that we receive every week, from parents, carers and Early Years practitioners, is something that we want you to experience in your local area.

In an effort to design a licence that can work for both those who are looking for a career, to grow a full time Boogie Mites business and Specialist Freelance Practitioners who would like the opportunity to offer Boogie Mites specialist programmes alongside their other services, we have a flexible format licence offer which can be considered as two options.

Two Exciting Boogie Mites Licence Options