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Our Story

Boogie Mites Team

Blame it on the Boogie! 

Boogie Mites works with EY parents, practitioners and children, using music to support pre-literacy skills, and to promote physical and emotional development. Directors Harriet Thomas and Sue Newman tell us how it all began. 


Harriets story …For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Harriet Thomas: I'm the one with the brown hair in the front of the photo. 13 years ago I was a penniless singer-songwriter and loving mother to a beautiful baby girl. My baby grew and pretty soon I was helping out in the local family centre in Balham, London where we lived. Because of my musical background I would often lead the singing during circle time and pretty soon I realised that if I had to sing Eensy Weensy Spider one more time, I would have to go outside into the street and scream! (Remember I was a Mum with a young toddler so I probably hadn't had much sleep either!) So what did I do to alleviate the medical condition known to parents of young children as Wheels on the Bus Fatigue? Click here to find out.

Sues story...After a high flying business management role in London, I took a career break to look after my two young boys. I took my boys along to Harriet's fabulous Boogie Mites sessions and we loved every minute.  When we moved to Portsmouth, I was disappointed to discover the lack of inspiring, music activities for children. So, I got in touch with Harriet and began to trial some Boogie Mites style sessions in my local church hall. I quickly saw how the Boogie Mites activities supported the development of the children who attended, particularly benefiting communication and social skills and decided to make it my mission to bring these benefits to a wider audience. (PS I'm the one in the front with the blonde hair!)

Creating the Beat...Combining our music and business talents we set up Boogie Mites UK Ltd with these somple aims:   

Inclusion: offering music sessions that engage pre-school children from all backgrounds, boys and girls, non-English speaking, special needs and mixed ages to feel the boogie beat

Education: utilising the role of music as a learning tool to support the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

Empowerment: giving confidence to parents to initiate music activities at home.

Recycling: making props and instrumentsm from 'found' materials, to model a sustainable and hands-on approach to music making.

And the Beat Goes On...Boogie Mites has broken the mould of standard music and movement provision for young children.  We now offer an exciting array of workshops, which includes:

EYFS Music and Movement Programmes  that  use songs, music activities, stories, rhyming games and role play, to support development across all areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  

Practitioner Training to give practitioners the resources and confidence to deliver high quality music activities in their settings.

Annual programme of themed music workshops on offer to parents and carers with pre-school children at Children’s Centres and community centres and for nursery, pre-schools and schools.

A Final Word... Testimonials abound from families and practitioners who have seen the benefits that our music programmes have brought to the lives of young children. We are both so delighted that we have created something that we feel so passionate about and that it is really making a difference.